We're losing out

({{ number(counterValueBillion, ',') }} Billion Euro)
is the amount the European public has lost out on because the deadline for a Robin Hood Tax (6th December) was missed.

This money could pay for:

{{ number(health) }}
million people receiving universal health care
{{ number(education) }}
million children to go to school
{{ number(power) }}
million households to be supplied with solar power

Robin Hood Tax - Time Is Running Out!

Time's ticking...

The governments of ten European countries have been negotiating the introduction of a Robin Hood Tax (financial transaction tax, FTT) since 2013. The FTT is a small tax on the trade of financial products that would stifle massive short-term financial speculation and stabilise the financial markets.

The FTT was due to be announced on the 6th of December 2016, but we're still waiting. The technical questions have all been dealt with: what is lacking is political will. European finance ministers need to choose whether they're here to help the people or the banks. We can't afford any more delays.

So it's time for them to decide: every delay is a missed opportunity in the fight against poverty and climate change.

It's costing us...

Every day that the introduction of the financial transaction tax is delayed, tens of millions of Euros are lost. According to a current estimate by the European Commission, an FTT would generate an annual revenue of up to €22 billion. That is €60 million a day, €2.5 million an hour and over €40,000 a minute. This money is urgently needed to meet international commitments and invest in global education, health and climate protection.

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